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About Jeanie

Jeanie Lee was born in Seoul (Soul), KOREA.  She has lived in Texas, New Mexico, Italy, France, and California.  She currently resides in both San Mateo and Laguna Beach, CA.  While attending several of the most prestigious schools in California, she lived in poorer neighborhoods in her formative years.  Although this was something she was ashamed of growing up, she now knows how it has helped her serve a greater number of people from all walks of life. It has given her an edge, as she relates to almost anyone, rich or poor, friends or strangers, and even animals.  During her first year in college, her father was diagnosed with cancer and soon passed away.  This was devastating to her, both the loss of her father, and the subsequent realization that her life up until that point had been about trying to prove to him that she was worthy of his love.  This realization led Jeanie to temporarily put formal education on hold in order to figure out who she was and what it was that SHE wanted in life. While traveling and engaging with new people from various countries, she learned more just living than she ever did in textbooks.

Jeanie trusted where the Universe would take her, as she ended up in Grosetto, Italy. She immersed herself in poetry, art, dance, and teaching.  Life in art became her passion, as she passionately taught sculpture to children all over the world; throughout Italy, Montreux, Switzerland, Roquebrune, France, and in Misgav, Israel.  Under the tutelage of world-renowned sculptor Marco Cavaglieri, she was most inspired by his non-biological father ZENO who had built a community in Tuscany called Nomadelfia, just a few minutes away from where Jeanie resided.  She was moved that this community was created by one man to save the thousands of troubled children who were without parents during and after World War II.  She found that this community was filled with artists and dancers of all kinds, and she saw the beauty of an entire community making a difference and working together to create possibilities in each others’ lives while bringing art, joy, and hope to the communities around them.

When Jeanie returned to the States, she hurried to receive her Philosophy degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, as she was eager to get back out into the world. Upon her return, instead of attending law school as planned, Jeanie decided to explore helping others express themselves while living creatively through art.  While finishing her philosophy degree at UCLA, Jeanie immersed herself into their rigorous Film/TV &Theatre Department.  After graduating Cum Laude, she was eager to explore acting on a professional level. She attended some of the best acting classes in Los Angeles, with fellow actors and actresses who are currently on the big screen today.  As Jeanie’s acting in her master classes continued on to improve, she found herself and some of her other classmates not being able to book the work they were very much qualified for.  She became curious as to why her and her classmates’ acting was getting better but their mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical states were declining.

As things were at an all-time low for her, she was involved in a head-on collision accident in the intersection of San Vicente and La Cienega in Los Angeles.  A “tragedy” happened exactly in the moment that she needed in order to “wake her up”. In the middle of this intersection with the airbag deployed and not even sure if she was still alive or not, she realized enough was enough.  From a troubled childhood to where she currently was, she had finally realized that there had to be more to life than what already was. 

On a recommendation from a dear friend, Jeanie went to see a hypnotherapist on Wilshire Blvd. A hypnotherapist to the stars and to executives alike, she was able to help Jeanie finally see things clearly for the first time, that everything up to that point in her life was brought about by herself in some way.  Instead of seeing it as new-age guilt, Jeanie took it as an opportunity to find a power that she never knew she had before - the power to create her own life, exactly the way she wanted!  Since Jeanie was a struggling actress and could not afford more hypnotherapy sessions, she decided to learn hypnotherapy, so that she could continue helping herself anytime she needed.  After much research, Jeanie packed her bags and headed straight for the Land of Enchantment, Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she learned about the magic in her life as well as the magic in the Universe.  After rigorous training, including training in Medical Hypnosis with Tim Simmerman Sierra as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) with NLP Master Patrick Singleton,  she had the honor of teaching at the Hypnotherapy Academy, one of the most comprehensive state-certified programs for clinical hypnotherapy in the United States.  There she assisted as an educator and practical skills coach, directly collaborating with Dr. Robert Sapien, Director of Emergency Pediatric Medicine at the University of New Mexico Hospital, while coaching students from all around the globe.  While teaching at the Academy, starting her private practice there and working closely with national diabetes expert, Dr. Martin Ruiz and his patients, Jeanie also began an acting class where she combined the powerful techniques she had learned in Hollywood with the life-changing tools and processes utilized in hypnotherapy and NLP.  She later called this Theatre Therapy and named her technique “Soul Acting”.  Soul Acting creates an informative and direct experiential or transformative style of learning, ultimately fusing learning with art and being.  Her first class in Santa Fe, New Mexico was such a success that she took her class to Denver, Colorado.

Jeanie currently resides in both San Mateo and Laguna Beach, CA, where she has a flourishing hypnotherapy practice, with clients from all across the country.  She is looking forward to launching her next Soul Acting Class in the Orange County area to serve those who would like to learn how to tap into their bodies, minds, and hearts, using their own creative powers to live more healthy, happy, and successful lives!

Things that Jeanie loves include the ocean, traveling, sculpting, photography, gardening, reading, hiking, snowboarding, cross-country running, trail- running, sailing, baseball games, watching movies (especially documentaries), working out, Nick her border collie/lab mix dog (see picture on right), spending time with family and friends, making a difference in peoples’ lives, and serving her community.

“The cure for anything is salt 

water - sweat, tears, or   

the sea.  - Isak Dines



About Jeanie Yi Lee

Jeanie starting up her own vegetable garden

Montepescali, Italy

Kauai, Hawaii

Nick With Friends

        Chowder & view at Giant’s game, San Francisco, CA

With friend Mark at Isagenix Celebration, SD, CA