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"A year ago, I was recovering from a surgery that had taken both a physical and psychological toll on me.  Healing - in every sense of the word - was slow, and the assistance from all the other medical professionals I was seeing was impersonal and rushed at best and totally ineffective at its worst.  


When I learned about Jeanie and her specialized form of therapy, I was a little skeptical.  I assumed that the target group for this methodology was very limited.  What I failed to remember was how powerful our minds are and how many different aspects of our health and well-being they can affect when they are guided.


Jeanie is not only well-trained and remarkably insightful, she is gentle and caring in her treatment.  Moreover, she completely tailored our session to be focused on me and the issues affecting me.  I highly recommend her." 

  1. -Scott T., Attorney at Rhino Entertainment & Musician, Burbank, CA


...From Scott Tang’s “Radiant” Album. Check his tunes out!

"Jeanie's wisdom and guidance are very genuine.  She helped me connect with my higher self.  Since my session with her, the miracles and successes I am still experiencing have been unparalleled."

  1. -Jeromi Stewart, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Inventor & CDO   of GumChucks, Inc.

“As a bit of a personal development junky, I have done a lot of work on myself including psychotherapy, weekend trainings, and numerous courses to expand and grow myself. Despite all this work I was still somehow not making the progress I was looking for and, after talking with Jeanie, I easily trusted her and was very open to her assistance.  With only one hypnotherapy/NLP session, I was able to reconnect with a deeper power and release some debilitating thinking which I was carrying from my childhood. Since then I have been making larger strides in my business and attracting people of a higher level into my life. I have a newfound ability to tap into a higher power which somehow makes my previous fears smaller or even non-existent. I feel like I have acquired a secret weapon. Her follow up calls and the declarations she provided me really helped to anchor in what I had attained. I have met very few people that care as much as Jeanie. Not sure how she does it. She truly is a Genie and wish I could bottle her up and take her with me everywhere I go!

  1. -Stephen Mueller, Entrepreneur, Mammoth, CA



..If Stephen’s body transformed like this in 4 months, imagine the level of transformation of his mind!  Yowza!!!

“Before I started receiving hypnotherapy sessions from Jeanie, I was desperate. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for quite some time with multiple failures. I so desperately wanted a child and conventional means alone were not working. I began working with Jeanie and immediately felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The stress that I felt surrounding infertility seemed to vanish into thin air. I felt healthier and more relaxed. I didn't realize, prior to working with Jeanie, that I had other emotional issues surrounding my infertility; I assumed it was all biological. We began working through some painful memories of my abusive childhood and I discovered that I had deep rooted feelings that I may not be a good mother because of the example I had in life. After working with Jeanie I was able for the first time ever to completely forgive my parents and accept my childhood as a stepping stone for me to learn how to be a good parent. I was now confident in my abilities to be a good and loving mother to any child. It is my belief that dealing with these issues as well as eliminating all stress surrounding infertility in combination with the help of modern medicine, that my dream of becoming a mother came to fruition. My son is now three months old and we are the happiest parents on the planet. I am confident in my abilities as a mother and my relationship with my husband is stronger than ever. Jeanie was so compassionate that I could literally feel her good intentions for me during the sessions. She is an excellent hypnotherapist and human being and it has been an honor to have worked with her.”

  1. -Ryan Chambers, Pediatric Emergency Nurse, Albuquerque, NM


"There were some deep recurring patterns in my life that I wanted to explore. I heard about Jeanie Yi Lee's expertise with Hypnotherapy & NLP and arranged to do several sessions with her. 


The sessions we did were regressions that helped me to connect with dynamics around the time of my birth. Each session with Jeanie was revealing and healing for me. As a result of my sessions with Jeanie, I immediately noticed significant positive changes in my life. I grew more balanced, real and whole. And, I continue to be supported by the extra awareness I gained. 


Jeanie is a consummate professional and I trust her totally. Her commitment and dedication to assisting others is of the highest caliber. You are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her."


  1. -Benjamin M., Mindset Coach, Delray Beach, FL

“The first time I had really openly told anyone I had a fear of flying, Jeanie suggested I try a session with her.  I was unsure at first, but as she explained the theory and practice to me, I felt confident in allowing her to help.  Her work helped me defeat many negative ideas and assumptions I didn't even realize I was holding on to. 


Not only did she help me in understanding where my fear of flying came from, she supported me in getting rid of the fear of flying all together. After just one session with Jeanie I get on planes confidently and now have a pleasant experience.  The session was the impetus to realizing the positive forces in other areas of my life. 

Jeanie is easy to connect with, professional, and is just plain awesome at what she does!  It is definitely worth your time to have a session with her - you will be so pleased with the results.” 

  1. -Monty Bass, Film Editor, Burbank, CA



"When I first asked Jeanie for help, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I wanted to work on handling my fear around succeeding and finding a great, new job.  Jeanie employed NLP and hypnosis techniques to help me figure out some of my core beliefs around success, allowing me to reprogram those beliefs in order to better serve my interests in life.  I was amazed at how easy it was to harness the power of my own mind.  Jeanie's skillful ability to walk me through my own beliefs and thought processes seemed so natural that I was surprised I hadn't done it before.  Jeanie's training and life-knowledge allow her to readily relate to your personal issues, and then transform those issues into assets.  She is professional, kind, and adroitly perceptive in her handling of her clients.  I lost 55 pounds in nine months, and am easily and successfully keeping it off! I am also pleased to say that I am finally at my dream job! Jeanie was highly recommended to me, and I second that recommendation in full!"


  1. -Alex K., Attorney & Entrepreneur, San Mateo, CA



............Alex looking and feeling SO much better!  It’s impossible for him to be who he used to be!!!!

I was lost and held back by my deepest fears when I met Jeanie on my journey to pursue an acting career. At the time, I kept hearing negatives from everyone around me. Jeanie took the time to earnestly listen and understand where I was coming from, supporting me with her wisdom.  Because I connected so deeply with her, I trusted her; I jumped for my dream and never looked back.  Now each time I meet with Jeanie, I walk away feeling strong, inspired, and grounded. Her approach fosters my focus to go deeply inside me to bring my dreams into reality with the greatest of ease. She continually provides wholehearted insights and honest prospective when working with my deepest fears.  I really appreciate how she strengthens me to be who I am. Without her, my dream of becoming an actor would not have happened.   She truly is a marvelous person to do what she does!

  1. -Roe Moore, Actress, Denver, CO


“When first meeting Jeanie Lee, you think, 'She looks so young to have the following and recognition you hear about.'  Well, don’t let that fool you; she’s highly sensitive and open to bringing out your true self. She’s gifted. Jeanie is patient and very astute. She has taught me how to meditate and draw from within to overcome all my obstacles that tend to arise from time to time. Now, when they do arise I know how to eliminate them immediately. I never realized how day-to-day thoughts could manipulate your future, and the power we have in our deep subconscious!! This is what Jeanie goes into and, through hypnotherapy, corrects those negative thoughts we have developed over the years.  Going into hypnosis with her you feel safe. That is important because trust and remaining open are crucial for this to all work.  My experience has helped me tremendously.  I’m an actress and have, since our last session, booked a National Commercial and am very close to working on projects opposite my favorite colleagues! I’m buying a house with all the details I’ve requested. It’s amazing! Working on this level is like learning how to ride a bike at first: it takes practice, but before long you will have all that you have ever wanted. Jeanie Lee is a new way of thinking and being.” 

  1. -Lissa P., Model, Actress, & Producer, Laguna Beach, CA

When I first met Jeanie Lee, I knew there was something about her openness and kind heart that was like not many people I have met.  When I found out what her occupation was, I knew I needed her help. I had been struggling with old beliefs that had been getting in my way for many years and hampering my progression in fulfilling my life purpose.  With Jeanie's acute insight and skillful knowledge in hypnotherapy and NLP, she was able help me recognize and unleash the obstacles that have been holding me back for such a long time.  Even after the session, as her follow up process continued,  Jeanie's guidance and caring heart helped me see with clarity the path in which I needed to follow. She has changed my life. I now recognize the importance of my life and do exactly what I know need to do. Jeanie's wisdom, skills, and heart felt compassion to help all that seek her out, are what make her and the experience a success.


People would live a much easier life if we could all experience Jeanie's wisdom, skills and heartfelt sincerity.


- Debra Lensky,  Master of the Healing Arts, Laguna Beach,  CA

Dear Jeanie,

I just wanted to thank you for the transformation that I have experienced since our last session. Before the session I was feeling anxious, stressed and depressed. You really helped me believe in myself again, I find myself being really calm and things that might have bothered me in the past don't anymore. Thanks to you, I now have peace of mind. It was a great experience and the best part of it is that I got to the root of my issues faster than I would have in years of therapy. People around me have also noticed the difference in me. Jeanie you are the best and I am glad to see that people with your kindness and warmth still exist.

Thank you so much for helping me!

  1. -Miriam M., Housewife & Student, Newport Beach, CA

“When I was first introduced to hypnotherapy I had a preconception that it was only for people with addictions or other similar problems.  However, having worked with Jeanie, I realized that hypnotherapy is really about understanding and dealing with the underlying root causes of the issues we all face. Jeanie helps you identify and deal with the unconscious obstacles within the deepest parts of our minds, so that instead we may move more quickly towards our life goals.  When you are ready to face your real self, I recommend you do it with Jeanie by your side. She is the guide into the matrix of the mind. But don't just take my word for it; you need to experience it for yourself!'' 

  1. -Brian Gibbs, Sports Rehab Therapist & Certified Massage Therapist


.......Brian in 4 days! No exercising, just hypnotherapy, supplementation & guided nutritional cleansing.

“I met Jeanie at the gym where she told me about Isagenix.  I had been having a hard time losing weight, having only lost 20 pounds in one year, being at the gym 24/7.  Jeanie began to teach me about Isagenix , and I lost 30 pounds in two and a half months!  I am finally under 200 lbs!  Not only have I lost the weight I’ve been wanting to lose, I keep losing more!  And on top of that I feel great and have more energy than ever!  Jeanie has been extremely supportive, and I LOVE every single product that she recommends! YIPEE!!!”

-Alexandra P., Sales, Burlingame, CA



............. .Alex, 35 lbs lighter in just 3 months!  Now under 200 lbs, her goal is 125.  Watch her do it!!!

"Jeanie is a genius in transformation! In just one session with her, I broke through a 20 year old chronic digestive health issue!

I believe that the reason why Jeanie is beyond all the therapists I have seen before (psychotherapists, specialists in digestive issues, and even other hypnotherapists) is that she guides you to create your own transformational journey.

Before Jeanie, the other hypnotherapists had guided me in a pre-written journey, that, while enjoyable, had  very little effect on my health.

During my first session with Jeanie, while connecting to the most triggered part of my body, I experienced a very strong energetic release in my solar plexus, resulting in a feeling as if I was literally flying. My body was immediately responding to the words and emotions that were coming up. For the first time in 20 years, I was able to feel a powerful energetic opening in areas of my body that were either numb from so much pain, or totally blocked.

Also, during and after your sessions, Jeanie makes sure you identify immediate and concrete action steps to take so that your transformation continues to easily last in your future and daily life.

If you want to see the light, don't wait.  Hurry and get a session with her!  You will experience something new, different and amazing, as there is a power, a miraculous quality about Jeanie and what she does.”

  1. -Chloe La Bare, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, & Artist, San Francisco, CA


.....Vibrant Chloe on a Santa Monica balcony!

More Before and After Photos of amazing clients...

Ashley before and after the Isagenix 9-day system, persistent insanity workouts & daily vegan protein shakes


        Yair before and after a 30-day Isagenix Cleanse & Fat-Burning System and still eating what he wants!

Hypnotherapy/NLP Packages (Includes Nutritional Coaching):

Single Session: $495/Hour

Package of 2 Sessions: $395/Session (between 1-1.5 hours)

Package of 4: $350/Session (between 1-1.5 hours)

For Alternative Medicine Professionals, Medical, Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Government, low-income, or financially struggling:

Wednesdays Only: Special Rate

Blissborn Packages (Hypnosis for Childbirth):

4 Group Classrooms (includes 1 private hypnotherapy session and 4 classes for you and your physician, nurse, doula, midwife, and/or birth partner):


Soul Acting/Theatre Therapy:

Single Class: Not available

Monthly 3-day Workshop (once a month, Fri, Sat, & Sun format) for Performer: $395

Monthly 3-day Workshop (once a month, Fri, Sat, & Sun format) for Auditor: $195

Monthly Class (bi-weekly) for Performer Only,

Beginners Class: $295

Master Class: $325

Please no auditors for weekly classes, by invitation only.

Any Blissborn or Soul Acting Class Member receives discounted rates on individual Hypnotherapy/NLP Sessions:

Package of 2: $350/Session (between 1-1.5 hours)

Package of 4: $295/Session (between 1-1.5 hours)

Jeanie Lee’s offices and studio are located in Southern & Northern California.  Her acting workshops and classes are offered in Los Angeles & Orange County, Santa Fe in New Mexico, and Denver, Colorado. Classes coming soon in New York, London, and Seoul, Korea.

“you can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”      - Albert einstein

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Amrit Yoga Institute, Ocala National Forest, FL

Photo Taken By: Jeanie Lee

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