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1.  WHAT IS ISAGENIX?             2.  ARE YOU TOXIC?            3. SYSTEMS & PAKS

            4. HOW TO ORDER              5. HOW TO USE (DETAILED VERSION) 


                               8. NUTRITIONAL FACTS & ALLERGEN TABLE

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1. Isagenix Is For You

Isagenix is a company founded by Biochemist and Master Formulator John Anderson.  John Anderson has created 2300 products for over 600 different companies like GNC, MetRx, and Nature’s Way.  When John got bitten by a brown recluse spider while retired at his home in Arizona, he formulated something he had never formulated before in order to heal and eventually save his leg.  To his surprise, John had also lost 30 pounds in a month and felt better than ever.  Knowing that companies would dilute his new formulation, since they had done so with all his other amazing products in order to gain financially, John decided to create his own company  instead in order to adhere to his own values which not only he had for himself and his family but values he had envisioned for all.  I believe the Isagenix system  is the only system in the world that addresses both nutritional deficiency as well as toxicity overload in the body.


2. YOU are Toxic

If you’re curious as to know if you are toxic, please watch these videos below.

Are You Toxic from a Doctor’s Point of View

Are You Toxic Video - New!

If you are still not sure, please watch these other videos and read these book below.  More importantly, just ask yourself, “Do I have the energy I want?” “Do I weigh what I want?” “Do I feel healthy?” If the answer is yes to any of these, then, you are either nutritionally depleted, the levels of toxicity in your body is pretty high, or both. 

So you wonder how this happens?  If you haven’t seen the “Are You Toxic Video” or read any of the books or watched any of the movies I’ve recommended, I will explain here for you.

Unless you live in a bubble, you are exposed to toxins.  In a very industrial world like today, our bodes are exposed to and are OVERLOADED with toxins.  There are pollutants in the air and chemicals in our water and food.  And because we are living, breathing and eating beings, these toxins are not only around us, but they are in us!

Okay, so you are probably asking, “What can I do about this?” Just like a car needs an oil change every few months, so your body also need to clean out!  First you need to start eating healthy.  Either you never knew what that looked like or you are frustrated because you think you are eating healthy.  If the latter is the case, the same food you are eating now that society ate 20 or 30 years ago would’ve indeed given you everything your body needed.  But today, you must eat over 40 bowls of spinach to give you the same amount of iron a bowl of spinach gave you many years ago.  That is a fact.  It’s impossible to eat 40 bowls of spinach a day.  It’s almost impossible to do that with 40 bowls of spinach juiced.  But Isagenix has created a highly technological system which allows your body to get all your essential minerals and amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and carbohydrates, daily, so that your body remains thriving.  They not only provide the most super nutrious food, they have also made it VERY easy for us!

3. Whole-Body Nutritional Cleansing Systems

So here they are.  Listed below are four of the main nutritional cleanse systems that Isagenix offers to help you experience amazing results in the area of their health.  Just get started so that you can really see and feel the difference, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

9 Day System

30 Day System

  1. 4.You Are Ready To Order  Click Here To Print

  1. 5. How To Use Isagenix (Detailed Version)  Click Here To Print

Isagenix 9-day Cleanse with the 30-day pack:

Pre-instructions: Take your measurements (see sheet and measuring tape included in box), weigh yourself, and take several “before” pictures (front and profile).  This way you will be able to quantify for yourself the benefits of doing this amazing cleanse (in addition to all the energy you will have!!)  Also, stay in tune with your body and note how you feel throughout the process. 

Daily instructions: Every day, have 2 ounces of Ionix (red-labeled bottle) as soon as you wake up or 1 scoop of the powdered version with 6 oz of water.  Remember to drink half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day. Remember to refrigerate your Ionix after opening.

Night before Day 1:Take 1 IsaFlush (small pill bottle with yellow cap) capsule just before you go to bed.

Day 1: Remember -         Drink half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day.

  Morning: 2oz of liquid Ionix or 1 scoop of powdered Ionix with 6 oz of wate as soon as you wake up.  Wait 20-30 minutes, then have a shake (2 scoops with 8 oz. of water) and take 1 IsaFlush capsule and 1 Accelerator (small pill bottle with blue cap) capsule. Important: Drink your shake within 7 to 10 minutes of making it since it becomes a live food once it hits water.  Also note: for any shake you may add half a packet of “Want More Energy” powder to your shake if you feel like it.  It is orange-flavored and mixes well with the vanilla flavored shakes, creating a creamsicle-like taste.

  Lunch:Eat a sensible lunch with plenty of greens.  Salads are great, but not necessary.  The more veggies the better, but eat what sounds good.

  Snacks:Some healthy snacks throughout the day are good.  I like a few raw cashews and a handful of almonds, a few carrot sticks, organic dried fruits like dates and prunes without any sugars or additives, other organic fruits like pears & apples, but have whatever sounds good to you.

  Before 2PM:Take 1 Accelerator capsule, either with lunch, or just after.

  Dinner:1 shake (2 scoops with 8 oz. of water)

  Bedtime:Take 1 IsaFlush capsule just before you go to bed.

Day 2: Repeat Day 1 exactly (snacks and lunch are variable). Remember - try to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Day 3: (First Cleanse Day) HERE it is ESSENTIAL that you drink half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day.

  Morning: 2 ounces of  liquid Ionix or 1 scoop of powdered Ionix with 6 oz of water as soon as you wake up. Wait 20-30 minutes, then pre-mix your Cleanse beverage for you to sip on the entire day (8 scoops Cleanse with 16 ounces of water).  Begin to sip on your pre-mixed cleanse beverage and also take 1 IsaFlush capsule and 1 Accelerator capsule. *Note: You may add the IsaFruits, IsaGreens, and/or Want More Energy to your Cleanse beverage.  Just make sure to add more water.

  Lunch:Keep sipping your already prepared Cleanse beverage that you mixed in the morning.

  Snacks:Throughout the day, eat 6-8 (how many depends on how you feel) of the Isagenix Snacks (in a larger pill bottle) one at a time, no more than 10 if necessary.

  Before 2PM:     Take 1 Accelerator capsule around this time. Try not to take it later than 2pm.

  Between 3 and 5:Keep sipping your already prepared Cleanse beverage that you mixed in the morning.

  Dinner:Keep sipping your already prepared Cleanse beverage that you mixed in the morning.

  Bedtime:Take 1 IsaFlush capsule just before you go to bed.

Day 4: (Second Cleanse Day) Repeat Day 3 exactly. Remember, IT IS ESSENTIAL that you drink half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day.

Days 5:  Morning:      First thing in the morning, take your measurements and text or email me your results, and celebrate!

Day 5,6,7,8,9: These days are shake/meal/shake days.  All days are the same as Day 1. Remember try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day.

Post Instructions:After the 9th day, take your measurements again, weigh yourself, and take several “after” pictures just like the “before” pictures.  After that, you can assess how you feel and repeat to get to your ideal body weight or if you feel as though you need to continue cleansing.  In this case, start Day 10 the same as Day 3 (First Cleanse Day).  If you do not feel that you need to continue cleansing for now, then continue to have the Ionix in the mornings and use the shakes as meal replacements as you see fit, with at least one shake a day.  If you still have weight to lose or are working on getting healthier, keep going! Restart the 9-day Cleanse cycle.  For all others, restart the 9-day cycle whenever you feel the desire to cleanse your body again.  I like to cleanse once a month at this point, but you should do what feels right for your body.

  1. 6.Your Questions Answered  Click Here To Print

    Remember, asking or experiencing these below are positive indications that the    

    Isaegnix system is going to work for you once you start, or is working for you right now.

     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1)Q:  How many shake days should I do before a 2-Day Cleanse? 

A: I usually recommend at least 2 days of shakes before doing a cleanse.  The reason for this is because it is best to load your body up with super nutrients so that your body is ready.

2)Q:  Can I add anything to my shake?

A:  Before your first cleanse, I would recommend sticking with just the Isagenix shake.  The only thing you could add to your shake is the Want More Energy, especially if you want an energy boost.  The reason for this is because the Isagenix protein shakes are already a perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats and nutrients.  After you have cleansed to where you feel at balance, and you are on a maintenance track, you can start adding things such as fruits, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. Try to consume organic foods so that you minimize the new toxins you might be introducing into your system.

3)Q: Can I drink coffee or soda on any of the shake days or cleanse days?

A: You may drink coffee and/or soda on your shake days, but it is not recommended.  You will see that the Ionix will help your body with that energy boost, especially the boost needed in the morning.   On cleanse days, it is not recommended to eat or drink anything except the following: Want More energy (no more than 3), IsaFruits, IsaGreens, IsaDelights (no more than 2), and organic decaffeinated tea without any added sweeteners.

4)Q: What can I do if I don’t like the taste of the cleanse? 

A: Thank goodness we have options here.  Some people love the taste of the cleanse while others add the IsaFruit, Isagreens, and/or the Want More Energy for added nutrients as well as added taste.  Isagenix just also came out with a new and more powerful berry flavored IsaCleanse in powder form, that is SO tasty!  That’s the one I use.

5)Q: When are the best days to do a cleanse?

A: I find the best days to cleanse are days when I am really busy, especially away from home where the pantry and fridge are close.   You will find, especially after doing a few cleanses, that your energy and focus levels are high on cleanse days.  I usually get way more done on those days I cleanse.   I also do them on days when I know I will be clearing out, body, mind, and souls.  These are days where I am at a retreat or a when I know I will be in a space of prayer, mediation, and reflection.

6)Q: If I’m hypoglycemic, how should I cleanse?

A: If you are hypoglycemic, pre-diabetic, or diabetic, always make sure you have your primary physician agree to monitor you before using Isagenix. Your doctors are usually excited that you are active in your pursuit for optimum health and they are actually qualified to show your amazing results, for example, with your bloodwork.  Also, to maintain steady blood sugar levels, you may also prepare your cleanse beverage the morning of, so that you may be able to sip on it during the entire day.  This is also very convenient.  Just make sure to drink half your body weight in ounces of water separate from your cleanse mixture on your cleanse days.   And even if you’re not hungry, eat those round chocolate snacks to further  help regulate glucose levels!

7)Q: Why is it so important to drink so much water on your cleanse days?

A: The reason why this is so important is because one of the body’s ways of excreting impurities is through sweat and urination  If you have a headache on a cleanse day, it’s usually because you have not had your recommended water intake.  This is what happens when you drink a lot of coffee.  For every cup of coffee you drink, you dehydrate your body by about 6 cups of water.  Of course you’re going to have a headache.  So just make sure you drink your water!  It’s SO good for you anyways!

8)Q: Do I have to do the 9-Day Program?

A: For best results, the 9-Day Program on a 30-Day Pak is a more complete way of not only getting the impurities out of your body but also the best way of getting the proper nutrients in, including essential vitamins, minerals, & amino acids.  The 9-Day program on a 30-Day Pak also prepares your body for an easy cleanse.  If you are looking to lose some weight, I would continue this program until you are at your desired weight.  Then you can go on maintenance and do a cleanse twice, or even once, a month.  If you are cleansing because you are really tired all the time or are lacking in energy, I recommend using this pak until you have that energy and mental focus that you desire.  And it is HIGHLY recommend everyone drink at least one shake a day and do at east one cleanse a month, to get the good in and the bad out!  This is what your body needs on a minimum level.   I would say that the most complete pak would be the Total Health & Longevity System.  Plus, you get more of everything in this pak without spending more.  I call this the “More Bang For Your Buck” pak!  This pak also includes the anti-aging, superfood packed supplement, Product B, which is my favorite Isagenix product.

9)Why do I sometimes have loose stool the day after my cleanse, right after I have my first shake?

A: Not everyone experiences this, but some do, especially when they have a cold blended shake as their first shake coming out of a cleanse.  I would highly recommend drinking a shake without ice for your first shake, just in case! ;)  If you have already experimented, rock on with the ice-blended! 

This last question and answer gets to my final point, which is: Know that your body is unique.  Really listen to it and feel what it may need at any given moment.  This is not about perfection.  Instead, it’s all about progression, so make sure you have fun with it!!!

  1. 10)Why does my upper body and face look red and feel warm?

A: You are experiencing a “Niacin Flush”.  This is absolutely normal.  It’s actually a good thing.  Niacin is one of the B Complex vitamins.  And if you experience a niacin flush, you were just lacking that vitamin in your body in the first place.  The redness and the warmth usually go away after about 20 minutes and tend to not come back, even in the future.

  1. 11)Can I take Isaegnix if I’m pregnant or nursing?

A:  It is highly recommended that you consume the Isalean Isagenix shakes so that you and your baby get all the 90 essential nutrients, 23 grams of undenatured organic whey protein, healthy low-glycemic carbohydrates, digestive enzymes, as well as key vitamins.  Now, erring on the side of caution, since there have not been any safety studies, I do not  recommend the Cleanse the Ionix, and the Accelerator capsules, siince you do not want any toxins passing through the blood, placenta, or breast milk.  However, get your doctor monitor while drinking those nutrient -dense shakes as well as the Daily Essential Vitamins for Women.

  1. 6. How To Use (Simple Version) Click Here To Print

Shake Days 1-2, 5-9

7:30      Ionix

8:00      Shake with Flush & Accelerator Capsule

10:00    Healthy Snacks from list below

12:00    Healthy Meal with Accelerator

2:00       Isagenix Snacks

4:00       Snack from list below

6:00       Shake

8:00       Snack from list below

9:00       Flush Capsule

Optional Snacks:

Raw vegetables

Unsalted almonds

Unsalted cashews

Cleanse Days 3 & 4

7:30      Ionix   

8:00      Cleanse with Flush & Accelerator Capsule

10:00    2 Isagenix Snacks

12:00    Cleanse

2:00       2 Isagenix Snacks & Accelerator Capsule

4:00       Cleanse

6:00       2 Isagenix Snacks

8:00       Cleanse

9:00       Flush Capsule

* Note that for the cleanse you may pre-make your cleanse beverage for the day by combining 8 scoops of the cleanse powder with 16 ounces of clean water in a drinking container and sip throughout the entire day.  

** Also, if you’ve purchased the Isadelights, you may also have up to three of them during your cleanse days and as many as you would like on your shake days

*** Make sure you are drinking half your weight in ounces whenever you can, but you MUST make sure to do this on your cleanse days for maximum cleansing effects.


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  1. 7.For Nutritional Facts & Allergen Table: 

    Please Click Here & Here

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Complete Total Health & Longevity System

For more on this complete system, watch the Telomeres & Aging Video by clicking HERE...

The Ultimate President’s System: The “Helping The Ones You Love, While Helping

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      Genius’ Dr. Bill Andrews,                Master Formulator, John Anderson,           & Chief Science Officer, Suk Cho

Pro athletes and celebrities that have used Isaegnix:  All pro athletes and celebrities are not sponsored by Isagenix. To the left, WIllie Gault (NFL Legend & Super Bowl Champion), Michael Jordan, yes, THE Michael Jordan, Oscar De La Hoya, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, Magic Johnson,Roy Williams, Emmit Smith, JIm Kelly, Shane Freels (Trainer for the Dallas Cowboys), The Dallas Cowboys, Aaron Rodgers, Gary Sheffield, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Kelly Maria Rippa, Dr. John Gray, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, and so many more...

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